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This is the not-for-profit definitive directory of Canadian groups concerned with the continued support of children's relationships with both parents after divorce, separation or for fathers and mothers who never lived married or lived in a  common law relationship.

It includes father's rights groups, grandparent's rights groups, second spouse groups, divorce support groups and advocates for shared equal parenting responsibilities and/or a significant child-parent relationship with both biological parents.

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Fathers For Life
Family of Men Support Society
Men's Educational Support Association (M.E.S.A.)
Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality (M.E.R.G.E.)
Orphaned Grandparents Association Resource Centre
The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society (E.C.M.A.S.)

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British Columbia
B.C. Men's Resource Centre
Canadian Grandparents Association
Canadian Parents Without Partners Inc. Equal Parenting Group Society
Fathers / Mothers Equal Rights Society
Fathers for Equality
Fathers Rights Action Team (FRAT)
Nanaimo Men's Resource Centre
Parents Coalition of British Columbia (PCBC)
Parents of Broken Families (PBF)
Parent & Child Advocacy Coalition (PCAC)
Tri-City Men's Resource Centre
Victoria Men's Centre

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Canadian Parents Without Partners Inc.

New Brunswick
New Brunswick Children's Equal Parenting Association
New Brunswick Shared Parenting Association

Newfoundland and Labrador
Sorry, no listings yet

Northwest Territories
Sorry, no listings yet

Nova Scotia
Military Families For Equal Parenting

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Active Parenting
Canadian Children's Rights Council
Canadian Committee For Fairness In Family Law
Canadian Equal Parenting Council
Canadian Parents Without Partners Inc.
Dads Aiming for Direction and Support (D.A.D.S.)
Equal Parenting of Durham
Ex-Fathers / Ex-pres
Family Conflict Resolution Services
Family Forum
Fathercraft Communication
Fathers Are Capable Too: Parenting Association (F.A.C.T.)
Fathers After Rights Equalization (F.A.R.E.)
Fathers For Justice - Ontario
Fathers-4-Justice (Canada)
Fathers' Group - Owen Sound
Freedom For Kids
Fathers With Rights
Fathers' Resources-Toronto Chapter - (Non-profit)
Fathers' Resources International - Legal Services Firm
Gene Colman Family Law Centre
Grandparents Raising Children
Grandparents Requesting Access and Dignity
Help Us Get Support (H.U.G.S.)
Helping Unite Grandparents and Grandchildren
Human Equality Action and Resource Team (H.E.A.R.T.)
In Search of Justice
Kids Need Both Parents
London Equal Parenting Association
Men's Health Network
National Shared Parenting Association
Not All Dads Are Deadbeats
Ontario Centre For Men
Separated Families of Canada
Stepfamilies Association - Toronto Chapter ( Stepfamilies Association of America, SAA)
Voices of Children Alliance
Windsor Men's Forum

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Prince Edward Island
Sorry, no listings yet

Council for the Status of Men - Canada / Conseil pour la Condition Masculine - Canada
l'après-rupture ateliers liens pères enfants
Association Masculine d'entraide Familiale (A.M.E.F.)
Entraide Peres-Enfant Séparées (E.P.E.S.)
Grandparents Requesting Access & Dignity ( GRAND )
Men's Legal Defence Fund
Mouvement Égalitariste

Regina Shared Parenting Network (RSPN)

Grandparents Rights Assoc. of The Yukon (GRAY)

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