This is the not-for-profit definitive directory of Canadian groups concerned with the continued support of children's relationships with both parents after divorce, separation or for fathers and mothers who never lived married or lived in a  common law relationship.

It includes father's rights groups, grandparent's rights groups, second spouse groups, divorce support groups and advocates for shared equal parenting responsibilities and/or a significant child-parent relationship with both biological parents.

Name: Fathers For Life
Contact: Walter H. Schneider
Address: Box 62, Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, T0B 0S0
Telephone: (780) 796-2306
Email: f4l-(at)    replace the "-(at)-" with @
Description: is the most visited website in Canada  and one of the most-often visited websites in the world supporting life-time child-father relationships.
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Name: Family of Men Support Society
Contact: Earl Silverman
Address: #302, 635 - 56 Ave. SW., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2V 0G9
Telephone: (403) 242-4077
Email: info-(at)    replace the "-(at)-" with @

The Family Of Men Support Society is working to ensure that the cries of male victims are heard alongside those of women and children who are also victims of abuse, as all victims deserve our support.

Our Mission is to reduce family violence through community education and the introduction of a formal support system for men.

Our goal is to provide immediate and adequate options for men who find themselves at risk of either hurting their partner or being hurt themselves.

The society is for men who want to remove themselves from a potentially explosive domestic situation with dignity. It provides a positive form of intervention and help before anyone is hurt and before the children experience violence at home-thereby stopping the cycle of violence.

As many men as women are victims of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their partners, according to numerous Canadian, American and British studies. As such, we must as societies recognize all aspects of domestic violence if we are ever to eradicate the problem. All classes of victims are deserving of our help.

Description of MASH:
Men's Alternative Safe House-403-242-4077

This is an original, creative and innovative pilot project to evaluate the need for a man's safe house/family Centre using Calgary's first and oldest men's crisis/help line peer-support counselling services.

The goal is to reduce family violence through offering solutions and options from a male-positive point-of-view by suppressing volatile domestic situations before they escalate into physical confrontations.

The Family of Men crisis line actively receives numerous support calls from men and women relating to male victimization due to family violence.

Now is the time to start addressing male-to-male service gaps by offering accessible services from regular staff and standard programs.

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Name: Men's Educational Support Association (MESA)
Contact: Gus Sleiman
Address: Box 4691, Stn 'C', Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2T 5P1
Telephone: (403) 228-6366
Email: info-(at)    replace the "-(at)-" with @
Description: MESA is a registered charitable organization whose main objective is to help families, fathers and children caught in the turmoil of domestic crisis. We are a group of Men and Women in the community whose aims are to make available the emotional resources and legal referrals Men require during a family breakdown.

MESA believes that the interests of all children are best served by having both parents able to participate fully in their lives, even after divorce or separation. Since community social services have traditionally provided most of their support to mothers, MESA's role is to provide a necessary balance of support to fathers who are equally affected by the consequences of family breakdown.

Preserving the Integrity of Fatherhood for the sake of the Children

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Name: Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality (M.E.R.G.E.)
Contact: Ferrel Christensen
Address: 10011-116th Street, #501, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 1V4
Telephone: (780) 488-4593
Fax: (780) 482-6648
Email: fchriste-(at)    replace the "-(at)-" with @
Description: Not-for-profit, public information and advocacy regarding all issues of gender equality including equality in parenting after divorce
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Name: Orphaned Grandparents Association
Contact: A. Bruce

Box 239, Legal, Alberta, Canada, T0G 1L0

Telephone: (780) 961-3168
Email: orphand-(at)   replace the "-(at)-" with @
Description: To raise grandparent consciousness & promote the importance of grandparenting as a role and function that gives important meaning and empowerment to later life.
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Name: The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society (E.C.M.A.S.)
Contact: Jerry Bernard,  President
Address: Box #1327, 5328 Calgary Trail Southbound, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6H 4J8
Telephone: (780) 416-8342
Email: ecmas-(at)    replace the "-(at)-" with @

The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society is a non-profit organization focused on the healthy development and well being of children of separated and divorced families. We are actively pursuing a new family law system based on the principles and challenges of today's society and the fundamentals of fairness and equality.

ECMAS General Meetings

When: 1st Thursday of each month

Edmonton Temple
9115 75th St.
Edmonton, Alberta

Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.

ECMAS Support Group Meetings

When: weekly on Tuesdays
Location: Bonnie Doon Mall, across from  Zellers in the Social Services Community room
Time 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.
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